Humanlinks Festival September 2019 - Mental Health Month

Subject: “Self Help in Mental Health”

Global Self Help Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous as well as members of other Anonymous self-help groups on addiction will share their experiences and ways to recover through the 12 steps.

Self-help in practice

Members of the Humanlinks Team will present their Program, their philosophy and how they work.


Professor Dana Zohar, a physicist and quantum philosopher, shares her personal experience with bipolar disorder, which inspired the theory of “Spiritual Intelligence”.

Preventing Mental Health in Family - School

The School Community of the 70th Athens Elementary School, in the Acropolis area, is sharing modern and creative ways of educating and experiencing parent and teacher groups after humanlinks volunteer mentoring throughout the year.

The crisis of environmental change is waking up.

Scientists and professionals are answering and giving solutions to the biggest issue of our time.





The attitude of the people in the area has significant contributed to remove the sigma and to enhances the therapeutic prices of the group. The idea of the festival with its celebratory atmosphere aims to become a message of coexistence and love in all the city. The area is open to that idea and the residents have accepted with enthusiasm recognizing how important and necessary it is.
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