Festival 2019

Dear Friends,

We welcome you to the 2nd festival for mental health organized by Humanlinks, which has the subject: “Self-help and Mental Health” that will take place the entire month of September.

Having the experience and wisdom of the past year, we have envisioned and planned for 2019 a festival that is groundbreaking, interesting and dynamical, one that we hope will give a broader view on the subject of mental health and will motivate Athenians on this important matter of concern. Our ambition is to make September, on a steady basis, a month for mental health, and through all of its duration to organize one day conferences, speeches, theatrical performances, movie projections, sports events, concerts, visual arts and photography exhibitions, creative workshops for children and anything else that  we believe would be beneficial.

The main theme of the festival is self-help in mental health, as a contemporary method of support, prevention and management of mental illnesses, social training and destigmatisation. In this manner, the programme was structured so that it approaches this notable and sensitive subject with precision, on solid ground and rich in experiences. The main reason for this choice has been our our desire to share our experience, good results and benefits that we have received as our philosophy and approach has been based on this method of support.

For us, self-help does not mean to isolate ourselves and cut off any clinical or professional support when this is necessary for the management of the symptoms of the our disorder. Self help for us means discrete roles and a good relationship with our doctors and the health services which we are able to use when needed. It means for us to cultivate within us the right for good information and to have a say on the manner of the suggested treatment, having every choice for its management. It means the de-institutionalisation of our personalities, which have been identified by society with our disorders and our symptoms, preserving and strengthening stigmatization. Our experiences have shown that nothing motivated us to love ourselves without limits, to have a real self esteem and envision our desires, to support and empathize  with other people that share our situation, as much as those things that inspired us, that we desired and cultivated within the framework of a group of people with similar experiences with whom we have developed a deep kinship.

We have bright examples of other similar groups that manage one day at the time, to win their recovery, ther selfesteem, ther whole life back.

During the festival at all the events we will be there, wearing our signature tree of love logo, at your assistance for anything you may need.

Don’t hesitate to come talk to us and meet us.

All the events will take place in central spots of the city of Athens, such as the Acropolis Museum’s amphitheater, the Panteion University, The Greek Film Archive, New York College, Hill school, The Meropeio foundation, The Antiquities Ephorate of Athens, the Cultural centre of the municipality of Athens, The Netherlands Institute of Athens, and other cultural and educational centres of the area of Akropoli, Plaka and Koukaki.

Entrance to all the events is free for the public.

We hope you will have a month full of knowledge and experiences.


George Krallis 

Social – Intercultural worker

Mental health counsellor – psychotherapist

Co-ordinator of the festival and group of HUMANLINKS

contact info: 

telephone +30 6944357506

our website: humanlinks.gr

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