The Humanlinks Team

“Humanlinks” is a group of people who have been tested in the past, at various levels, on mental health issues. They come from every economic and cultural background, as well as from every level of education. This does not differentiate them, but unites them more and more deeply, emerging principles that determine how they operate and support relationships between them. Such principles are respect, understanding and unconditional acceptance for each member and with interest and availability when someone invites them to support him. In this way they are trained by reinforcing the concept of self-help, which is their primary therapeutic goal in coordination and collaboration with their specialist therapists.

The group was set up 14 years ago and, with psychosocial support, they manage to recover as much as possible in key areas of their lives, they learn to take care of themselves, cultivate their relationships and fulfill their dreams. As a team, they develop various activities based on their wishes and interests which they plan and coordinate themselves, thereby enhancing the concept of self-help – the main philosophical foundation of their approach and mode of operation. 

In August 2018 they created the non-governmental organization “Humanlinks” in order to acquire institutional status and facilitate the services which they develop, in cooperation with the community and the State.

In the context of promoting and raising awareness of mental health issues, they have been organizing since September 2018 a Mental Health Festival, which hosts activities such as lectures, workshops, cultural events, making an open invitation to the residents of Athens.

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