Bill A.A.

My name is vasilis and I’m an alcoholic. The fist time I drank alcohol I was 8 years old. I remember my dad giving me a small glass of wine during a celebration at our house. I liked what I felt. I preferred to hang out with older people and drink, instead of playing with my siblings in our back yard. Since then I always drank while being out with friends. When they would have coffee or soda I drank beer. Alcohol took my fear and shame away, while giving me strength and courage. In time the frequency and quantity of alcohol was slowly increasing, causing problems not only with my family but with every one around me. I lost control, got drunk and caused trouble. Most of the times,I didnt remember anything the next day. When I met my wife and created my own family, I was in a routine of drinking every single day. The nightmare had begun. I started drinking from early in the morning, I was full of rage and anger which made me become violent. Every time my wife took the kids and left me, I would promise that I wouldn’t drink again. But that was a promise I couldn’t keep and we both knew that. The day came when she left permanently. Then I was alone. Me and alcohol. I started drinking on a 24 hour basis and as it was expected it wasn’t long until I was forced to stay at a psychiatric clinic. There was no therapy though, or maybe I wasn’t ready to be cured. I began drinking again until “I hit rock bottom” as they say. That’s how I ended up at A.A. and my life, as hard it is to believe, changed completely! Up to this day I haven’t drank alcohol, I have been sober for 13 years! I am now healthy and happy! I have my wife and kids back, I have my job, my friends, I have people around me that I love, and most importantly people that love me back. I am deeply grateful to the A.A. program! I am well aware that I wouldn’t be able to achieve all this by myself. Thanks to A.A. I learnt that I can live without the need to drink, I learnt to realize and admit my mistakes and my weaknesses. Because of A.A. I am alive and I have my life back!!!