Henriette Wilson


Henriette Wilson has her own practice, ”Child in Focus – Meeting Minds”. www.barnetifokus.com
Henriette has planned and carried out a myriad of courses for teachers, pedagogues and psychologists, in:
– Systemic og narrative work with children
– Secure attachement with children
– Systemic and Multible family therapy
– Mentalization-based therapy MBT.
– Mentalizing in Primary Schools

Henriette can convey dificult theoretic material into practical and understandable methods, easy to translate into your own daily practise.

Henriette do individual therapy for children and their families with high conflictes. Henriette also work with multiple family therapy.
Henriette has a special focus on the child’s perspective and getting all actors involved in the individual child. How to work together to create the best possible connection and relationsship for the development and the well-being of the child.

Henriette has for many years worked with children with special needs, in Special schools and foster homes.
Henriette is specialized in Mentalized Family Therapy, from Anna Freud Center in London.
The goal of the work is to develope secure attachement to ensure the child’s well being and support Them in there devolpment of healthy relationships and social skills.

Educations: Henriette Wilson is a trained social pedagogue (young children) and a school teacher.
She is educated as a Family therapist and a Systemic theory and Narrative Consultant.
She is the author of the book “Family classes in school – in theory and practice”.