Katerina Loukakis


Dr Katerina Loukakis is a veterinarian born in Athens, studied at the veterinary School of AUTH, created a first-care clinic for pets from the first to a suburb of Athens. The goal, apart from a full care for pets, was to inform children and their families about how to care for and love their animals in all their lives and the importance of the conscious acquisition of an animal. This is why it worked very early with local self-administration and not only to make informative lectures in schools and parents for the development of proper welfare, which makes even now that it has arrived in years of retirement.   Since 1999 he has been involved with the Commons and has been fortunate to be elected for years in the BOARD of scientific and professional societies of veterinarians, having the honor to become the first female president of the Hellenic Veterinary Society. He represented our country in Fecava and Wsava Several years since 1999 he was involved in homeopathic veterinary medicine which applied it in parallel with the classical veterinary medicine in the veterinary Clinic and from 2007 studied and applied Veterinary Acupuncture. Finally, she managed to make a life dream come true and from 2007 until 2011 she completed her PhD thesis at the Medical School of the University of Athens on the therapeutic contribution of pets to children with chronic problems (oncology Department And healthy Children (public nursery) was the first doctoral thesis in this field on Greek and international level. Since then he has been involved as a consultant in many Animal Assisted Therapy Programs.