Marina Overeater Anonymous

Recovering from compulsion with food and obsession with dieting and body image through the program of Overeaters Anonymous.

I am Marina, compulsive with food and bulimic.

From a very young age I discovered that food was soothing to me and numbed my emotions, so whenever I needed to manage difficult situations I turned to it. As a teenager, somehow I began to believe that only if I would be physically thin, I would be worthy of being loved. Also somehow my mind connected the thin body with the emotional vigor, so I began to get obsessed with my weight and dieting and I abused laxatives in order to be thin. There was no room in my mind for anything but this.

I found recovery from this addiction and the depression that accompanies it, with the help of Overeaters Anonymous, a recovery program for people like me who are unable to live their lives freely because they are obsessed with food and their bodyweight.